Syracuse's premier conveyor belt sushi bar and dining experience.

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"Although I've seen the sushi conveyor belt in action before, I always thought the fish would be sub par at such a restaurant. Not at Sakana! The tuna was a vibrant purple hue and the salmon was the perfect color and texture." – Jeff M.
"It is a conveyor belt full of sushi, desserts, edamame, and sashimi on colorful plates." – Mercy L.
"If your looking for sushi in Syracuse and want to be near all the social life, this is the place to be." – Daren K.
"Best sushi place in city of Syracuse. Love the atmosphere! Friendly staff, awesome sushi. Conveyor belt service or custom made. Can't go wrong with this place." – A.J.A
"Best sushi in Syracuse by far! I have been coming here for years and I still cannot get enough of it!" – Kimmie B.
"Sakana-ya is a small sushi bar straight from Tokyo." – Alex S.
Call for reservations: (315) 475-0117
215 Walton St. Syracuse, NY 13202